Sally, the Robot Makes Healthy Salads At Buffalo Airport 

Need a healthy food fix at the airport? Welcome, Sally, the robot who makes healthy salads at Buffalo Airport.

Chowbotics, the company behind the food prep machines, says that Sally “can make a salad faster and more precisely suited to your caloric desires than a human can.”

Sally arrived at Buffalo Airport on November 5, 2018. Two Sally, the Robot machines stand side by side. One serves up yogurt parfaits and snacks such as fresh fruit, or mixed nuts.  Cost is not by weight; it is by item.  Sally, the robot does not accept cash.

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PHOTO: Chowbotics

Features we like about Sally the Robot machines

1. Easy to use and customizable

Your food is custom, made-to-order meal options ready at the touch of a button.

2. Healthy ingredients

Sally makes it the way you like it with an array of 22 different ingredients. Some of these include romaine, kale, seared chicken breast, Parmesan, California walnuts, cherry tomatoes, and Kalamata olives.

3. Endless options prepared fast

Sally’s robotic hands can craft more than a thousand types of salad in under a minute. Sally adds the dressing but does not mix it.

4. Reduced food waste

Sally machines reduce costs and food waste while still satisfying good airport food customization.

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How are they different from Farmer’s Fridge?

The main difference between Farmer’s Fridge and Sally, both vending-style machines for food at airports, is that Farmer’s Fridge provides prepackaged salads; Sally makes it for you just the way you want it.

“Sally is the first fresh food robot, using technology to give accurate calorie counts and serve up precise portions. You can custom select your ingredients and create your bowl.”

We love watching airport food going well, and seeing all the healthy new food options available to travelers at the airport.

The company claims the machine is “more sanitary than human chefs.” What do you think?


You can find the two Sally machines at Buffalo Airport near Gate 18.

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