Airport Swimming Pools: Take the Plunge Towards Some Fitness

If you’re looking for some healthy during your layover, taking a swim can do just the trick. That’s where airport swimming pools can make a splash on during your travel day.

A recent article in Medical Daily, (4 Brain Benefits Of Swimming) makes the point that besides toned muscles and a well-sculpted physique that swimming leads to “better brain health.”

Who doesn’t want better brains and better health during a layover? If you have a few hours to spare and a bathing suit, then why not take a dip? Besides the known health benefits of swimming, you’ll be more relaxed for the long flight ahead.

The majority of the swimming pools on our list are on airport property and others fewer than 15 minutes away.


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airport swimming pools

1. Fairmont Vancouver Airport is open seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and has a pool to take a dip in! It’s free for hotel guests and $18.00 per person for non-guests of the hotel.

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2. Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport has an outdoor pool offering scenic runway views. Now that’s how to do airport swimming pools!

airport swimming pool
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3. The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport on the airport property offers runway views from the pool.

airport swimming pools
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4. The Westin Denver International Airport has an indoor heated lap pool to zone out while doing your laps.

airport swimming pools

5. Radisson Blu Hotel at Manchester Airport is located right on airport property. Connected to the terminal, 5 to 10-minute walk. Stroll over by skywalk to the hotel – a beautiful way to find your way to the pool.

swimming pool Singapore Changi Airport
PHOTO: Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel

6. Jump in freely at this rooftop airport pool located at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1, near gate D41.

airport swimming pools
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7. Take the plunge at Munich Airports heated indoor swimming pool between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

airport swimming pools
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8. The Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Centre at Hamad International Airport has a pretty spectacular pool. For an entrance fee of 150 QAR, you’re entitled to unlimited use of their 25-meter temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool, Hydrotherapy Tubs, and Shower Rooms.

airport swimming pools

9. Take the plunge and take in the fresh air at the rooftop saline pool at the Grand Hyatt at DFW Airport.

swimming pool Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

10. Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport has a 24-hour complimentary shuttle service, or you can take a 5-minute walk over to the hotel.  Location, Gate 4, Arrival Level, level 2

Airports are increasingly becoming chill destinations in themselves, and what better way than taking a plunge during a layover to get some wellness on the fly. 

UPDATED May 25, 2018 

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