5 Signs That Airport Yoga is For You

Airport yoga. Who’s done it? If you haven’t, maybe you’ve seen someone break out into a downward dog at your gate. Or strike a warrior pose on the way to baggage claim.

It’s a testament – not only to the portability of the practice – but also to its amazing benefits. After all, unless you’re the kind of person who craves attention from strangers, it takes some guts to bust out your best yoga poses at the airport.

Not only will airport yoga practice help your muscles de-cramp between flights, but the relaxing effects of these poses will soothe away some stress. Squeezing a little yoga in here and there is a great way to get your practice in and help you through your layover.

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5 Signs That Airport Yoga is For You:

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1. Happiness is a priority for you.

Feeling “happy” has everything to do with the chemical reactions in your body. Danica Collins – in her post Fact or Myth: Can Practicing Yoga Make You Happier? – cites that “Yoga triggers the release of the essential hormone oxytocin, which floods your body with feelings of happiness and well-being.”

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2. Loving yourself comes first.

You do something good for yourself like airport yoga that will keep you inspired during your travels. You should be doing something every single day that makes you feel good. And why should that stop just because you’re at the airport? Yoga on-the-fly is exactly what you need to keep up your “love yourself” mantra.

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3. You’re not afraid to stand out.

Airport yoga requires a bit of nonchalance. We mean, you’re going to have to be comfortable with people staring at you. It’s not every day people see mountain pose in Terminal B! But as long as you’re dedicated to your practice and confident in your pose, standing out from the crowd shouldn’t be a problem.

4. You don’t compromise your mental health.

Mental health is a huge part of staying healthy. And it’s something that’s being recognized more and more. The positive effects on mental health from practicing yoga are gradual but if practiced over time, they’re everlasting. Yoga is known to be an extremely effective stress reliever and relaxation technique.

5. You’re committed – to yourself.

Being committed to yourself means living the best life you can and treating your body like a sacred temple to cherish and respect. (At least, that’s what it means to us.) When you’re committed to yourself you want to live a healthy lifestyle full of wellness and that means practicing yoga while you’re waiting for your flight to Cancun.

Here’s an interesting fact about happiness: frequency beats intensity. Meaning, lots of little things make you happier than a handful of big things. So next time you’re waiting for your flight to paradise (or the boardroom if you’re on a business trip) strike a pose and love yourself.

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