10 Ways To Get Healthy At Miami Airport

Whenever we travel, we’re always thinking about how to stay healthy on-the-fly. With Miami Airport wellness everywhere we looked, we had no trouble keeping up our healthy lifestyle when passing through Miami International Airport.

Miami Airport has come a long way from the nasty airport grab-n-go sandwich. There are plenty of ways to keep up your nutritious eating habits here! With lots of local Cuban restaurants, fresh seafood and plenty of juice options, you won’t have to go near a wilting pre-made salad ever again. At least, not here.

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Check out our top tips for achieving Miami Airport wellness from ceviche bowls to spas, green walls, hydration stations and everything in between.

Miami Airport Wellness: 10 Ways to Get Healthy at Miami Airport


1. Stretch out with some yoga

We’re all about stretching out with some airport yoga. Just the thought of being cramped up on a plane for however many hours makes us want to strike a warrior pose!

Location: Pre-security, Terminal H, 1st floor. Open daily 9 am-9 pm.

Miami Airport Green Wall
Miami Airport Green Wall

2. Breathe in some fresh air at the green wall

Green walls (or “living” walls) have been proven to help calm the nerves of passengers, provide some clean air to breathe and help boost the overall morale of travelers.

Location: Behind the reception desk.

Ready, set, hydrate! Water bottle refilling stations available post security. #I✈️MIA

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3. Keep hydrated with the many hydration stations

It’s so important to stay hydrated – especially at the airport. Get your hydration levels up before you board the flight by filling up at one of Miami Airports many water-bottle filling stations.

Location: Throughout the terminals, post-security.

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4. Relax in a rocking chair

Long gone are the days when rocking chairs were only meant for old ladies knitting. Yes, that’s right. Rocking chairs have a lot of other benefits to them like helping to ease anxiety, depression, improve your balance and reducing your need for pain medication.

Location: Scattered through the terminals.

5. Grab a nutritious meal at Lorena Garcia Cocina

You may recognize chef Lorena Garcia from her Taco Bell commercials, but fast food burritos notwithstanding, she has made some right career moves. Her airport outpost, Lorena Garcia Cocina, serves Caribbean jerk chicken, shrimp ceviche and baked breakfast empanadas that come out of the kitchen fast, but not suspiciously fast.

Location: Concourse D, near Gate 57.

There are many airport spa treatments at Miami International Airport. miami airport wellness | vane airport magazine
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6. Relax at the many airport spas

MIA has a few different spas to check out. Jetsetter Spa is located between South Terminal H, 2nd level. Services include manicures, pedicures, massages, and spray tanning. If you’re feeling like getting your nails done, 10 Minute Manicure at South Terminal J, 2nd level, offers manicures, pedicures, and massage.

There’s also the Exhale mini-spa located inside The Centurion Lounge. They offer express services such as chair massages and manicures as well as heated neck pillows and herbal teas.

For more, check out our post on how to get pampered in 2 hours or less at the airport.

airport meditation room Miami Airport
Airport meditation room Miami Airport

7. Chill out in the meditation room

Everyone needs time to chill in peace & quiet now and then, right? The Interfaith Chapel at Miami Airport is just the place.

Location: Terminal D, the 1st level between Int’l arrivals and carousel 22.

Birds eye view of our colorful and nutritious dishes | #myceviche

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8. Feast on fresh fish at My Ceviche

If you want a sweet and insanely delicious seafood meal, look no further than My Ceviche. They serve a variety of ultra-fresh meals from ceviche burritos and fish tacos to salad and ceviche bowls.

Location: Terminal D29.

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9. Stimulate your mind with airport art

Miami Airport wellness doesn’t stop at food, drinks and pampering services. Art can stimulate your mind too and help you relax before a long flight.

Location: You’ll find different art installations all around the airport.

Jamba Juice at Miami International Airport. miami airport wellness | vane airport magazine
PHOTO: Airport Revenue News

10. Grab a fresh juice for the flight at Jamba Juice

There’s nothing like a freshly squeezed juice to make you feel instantly healthier. This is a snack that you’ll be able to take on the plane, shame-free.

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Location: Terminal J

We hope this will help your Miami Airport wellness journey a little bit easier! Check out ten ways to get healthy at DFW Airport and San Diego Airport too.

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