Stockholm Arlanda Airport Wellness Guide

Our Stockholm Arlanda Airport Wellness Guide has been fantastic to write. I traveled to Stockholm for the first time to attend the Passenger Terminal EXPO and spent time exploring the airport, discovering all the best spots to relax and recharge.

There’s an opportunity for everything you could dream up when it comes to health and wellness at Arlanda Airport. You can get an airport blow-out, a stress relief massage (essential), a healthy food crawl, or a quick workout. The airport also has an array of coin-operated massage chairs located in Terminal 5 too, if you’re into the DIY approach to relaxation.

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The airport has 4 terminals (2, 3, 4, and 5) and an area called SkyCity, pre-security. Terminal 5 is the biggest and the international hub where I spent the most time exploring. I had a personal tour of the airport when I landed and was able to see all the best health and wellness offerings at Arlanda Airport.

Arlanda Airport Wellness Guide: The best places to refresh, recharge and recuperate

Joe and the Juice Stockholm Arlanda Airport
PHOTO: Swedavia Airports

1. Joe & The Juice

There’s juice, good juice and then there’s Joe & The Juice. This Danish chain has taken the freshly-pressed juice trend to its most elevated level.

It’s all in the friendly service, lifestyle approach, and above all the market’s most wide-ranging juice menu. From energy shots to full-out juice meals, loaded with superfood ingredients.

Location: Terminals 4 and 5

Naked Juicebar Stockholm Arlanda Airport
PHOTO: Swedavia Airports

2. Naked Juicebar

Here’s where to get made-to-order fresh-pressed juices, smoothies made with frozen yogurt, and foods like soups, wraps, salads, and quesadillas. All these goodies are made the all-natural way, with no additives, hence the “Naked.”

You’ll find a plethora of healthy ingredients here like acai berries, goji berries, sesame seeds, chia seeds, and wheatgrass. You can even get a book of healthy recipes by Australian surfer, and co-founder Maria Wirén called Juices, Smoothies & Sunshine Foods.

Location: SkyCity

Oak Cafe Stockholm Arlanda Airport
PHOTO: Swedavia Airports

3. OAK Cafe

This modern cafe with relaxing music has a warm, inviting vibe. The seating area has a leafy park feel to it which is perfect for a quick bite or a longer meal. There is a fresh salad bar where you can create your salad, hot and cold sandwiches on sourdough bread, tapas, pastries, and of course coffee. Why not treat yourself to some ice cream from the bar?

Location: Terminal 5 after security

RC Chocolat Stockholm Arlanda Airport
PHOTO: Swedavia Airports

4. RC Chocolat

This adorable spot is a French-inspired patisserie with an on-site bakery. All the chocolate cream, truffles, and pastries are made by hand using organic and local ingredients.

It’s run by Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chefs Ronny Latva and Charlotta Söör, so you know it’s nothing less than spectacular.

Location: SkyCity

PHOTO: Vane Airport

5. Hair salon Flygfrisören

Though there are no airport spas at the airport, they do have the Flygfrisören hair salon. You can get a total hair care solution here including a haircut, coloring, and styling. I finally got a chance to visit this hair salon, and I was impressed!

Flygfrisören even sells products from leading professional hair care brands, and you’ll find everything you need for your hair upkeep during travel.

Location: SkyCity, pre-security.

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PHOTO: Vane Airport

6. Wellness clinic Aktiverakliniken

The highly trained team of massage therapists at Aktiverakliniken treat aching backs, occupational injuries, and sports injuries. Private individuals, businesses, and insurance companies are all welcome at the clinic. There’s no need to make reservations, just drop in!

Location: SkyCity, Level 6 in entrance F

PHOTO: Vane Airport

7. Meditation room

In the airport chapel, you can find a few quiet moments and a bit of solitude before a journey. It was a very serene room with nice soothing lighting.

If you would like to speak with a priest from the Church of Sweden, they are available from Monday to Friday. In fact, there was someone there when I was passing through.

The chapel is open to all visitors, regardless of their religion. You can also get married here if you feel so inclined!

Location: Terminal 5, open 24/7

Rest and Fly Stockholm Arlanda Airport
PHOTO: Swedavia Airports

8. Rest and Fly napping rooms

Why not get properly comfortable while waiting for your next flight? You can also rent a room for a whole night’s rest on longer layovers. Rest and Fly is a low-price option with a top location in SkyCity at Arlanda Airport.

It’s clean and simple. If you’re looking for a no-frills place to shower and nap this place is ideal for recharging to battle the travel day.

Location: Between Terminal 4 and the escalator to SkyCity

PHOTO: Vane Airport | Shower at SAS Lounge

9. Shower at the SAS lounge

There are now two shower rooms in the SAS lounge to refresh, renew and relax. They have a sleek, modern, black-and-white design with smokey glass and wooden bench seating. Rain shower heads are a welcome touch of comfort.

Location: Terminal 5, take the elevator or stairs to Level 3 at the intersection near Gate 1.

PHOTO: The Clarion Hotel® Arlanda Airport

10. Clarion Hotel®

You can stay the night here or just drop in for a workout, swim, and sauna for the day.

The Clarion Hotel® is right in front of SkyCity, offering a magnificent view of the airport runways. They have a popular 12th-floor restaurant and bar, Kitchen & Table, by Marcus Samuelsson, which brings the flavors of Manhattan to your table.

This is a pet-friendly hotel, with four-legged friends allowed to stay for a fee. The hotel is also non-smoking.

Location: Connected to SkyCity, between Terminals 4 and 5

11. Water refilling stations

Nothing is more satisfying than coming across a water bottle refilling station when you’re parched at the airport, and your bottle is (inevitably) empty.


PHOTO: Vane Airport

12. See the doctor at the airport

Got something more serious going on that could use an expert opinion? There is an in-house doctor at Arlanda Airport. You can meet with a doctor, nurse or social counselor. They even do vaccinations. The healthcare clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Location: SkyCity, Floor 5, entrance A

Getting Around

Stockholm Arlanda Airport has a high-speed train connecting the airport to the city center. I took the Arlanda Express, and it takes just 20 minutes to the city center.

We hope you’ve found this airport wellness guide useful. Let us know in the comments below which airport you’d like a guide to next, and don’t forget to tag your travels with #ITravelWell, happy traveling!

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