How to Avoid Flying Drunk: It’s a Crime & Airport Jail Sucks Big Time

“Avoid flying drunk” is something we’ve all heard, but does it matter? Yes. Yes, it does. Public intoxication is a crime, and it should not be taken lightly. However much fun you’re having at the time, it could end up being a seriously rude wake-up call when you end up in the airport jail. (Sorry not sorry.)

For many people, having a drink before they fly is part of the travel experience. When you’ve got a couple of hours to waste, sitting back with a pint of beer sounds relaxing, right? Well, some people tend to treat their layovers more like a frat party than a time to kick back and wait for their flight – which can be troublesome for fellow passengers and the airline staff.

But how do we avoid getting wasted at the airport while still enjoying a drink or two?

Steps to avoid flying drunk at the airport

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Don’t drink more than a single alcoholic drink per hour

We know what you’re thinking, but no, this does not mean you should drink a bigger glass! Also, don’t try to cheat this by making the drink stronger. Avoid flying drunk by drinking just enough to catch a buzz.

Drink mindfully

Keep track of how many drinks you have. This will help you avoid flying drunk as well as allow you to keep track of your liquor spending. As if flying drunk isn’t bad enough, the hole that will be burned in your wallet from expensive airport drinks will make it that much worse.

Drink with someone

Make sure whoever you are drinking with knows you want to avoid flying drunk. Don’t forget to make it clear to him/her from the beginning! It is easy to get lost in the liquor if you are having too much fun with someone. Come on; we’ve all been there, done that.

By telling them from the beginning, they will watch how much alcohol you are consuming and hopefully have you put the breaks on drinking before you’ve had too much.

avoid flying drunk
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Avoid flying drunk by knowing what’s in your cup

Knowing what’s in your cup can help you avoid flying drunk. If you know what you’re drinking, you’ll know how much you should drink to ensure you don’t fly drunk. Also, try to stick to your regulars. If you know you do well with white wine, don’t suddenly decide to try a rum & coke.

Include food

Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Have some food so the alcohol will be absorbed into your system more slowly. We know there’s no shortage of food at the airport so try and either have a meal before you begin sipping that Merlot, or order something to snack on while you’re drinking.

There are many healthy options at the airport to explore such as airport gyms, juice bars, and many spas to explore.

Running to your gate in a buzzed-induced haze could soon be a thing of the past.  If you’re making a serious effort to avoid flying drunk, just follow our tips and thank us later! Or tweet to us at @vaneairportmag.

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