New Dry Float Spa Now Open At Rome Fiumicino And Newark Airport

A new dry float spa is now open at Rome Fiumicino and Newark Airport.

The latest airport spa offering is an anti-gravity bed. That claims to deliver positive psychological wellness for those who feel sleep deprived during travel.

The airport spa opened at Rome Fiumicino Airport, this August and is located at post-security Area E, between gates E11 and E13.

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Dry Float Spa – Rome Airport PHOTO: ZeroBody

What is a dry float spa?

A dry float experience is the latest airport wellness treatment.

It’s about lying on a ZeroBody device that looks like a heated waterbed for one. When you lie down on the bed, it recreates a floating sensation, like being inside a big tank of water. However, you don’t get wet, hence a “dry float” service.

ZeroBody was built in collaboration between Starpool, a company from Italy specializing in spa design. Also, Neocogita, an expert in brain wellness research, and the designer Cristiano Mino.

 How does this treatment help achieve mental and physical wellness?

The floating sensation tells the brain it doesn’t need to worry about regulating body temperature and balance. At this point, the body relaxes to produce natural endorphins, the neurotransmitters of wellness hormones.

Jay Houston, Partner, and CMO CryoNext shared with Vane that,  “The Zerobody relieves your central nervous system from external stimuli, reducing stress, improving sleep, and releasing spinal tension. It even helps with jet lag. There’s never been a more comfortable way to spend a layover.”

Moreover, the bed comes with an integrated phone dock, in case you choose some guided meditation using an app or audio recording. You can also opt-in for colored lights and a delicate lumbar massage during this new airport spa treatment.

The experience on the ZeroBody bed has a customized program of six scientifically tested and guided meditation available on the Nu Rèlax App. The program aims to reduce stress through relaxation, stabilize psycho-emotional balance, and promote creativity to stimulate ideas.


Dry Float Spa – Newark Airport PHOTO: Zerobody

A new location will open next week at  Newark Liberty International Airport

You can find the unique dry float spa inside the Art and Lounge at Terminal B.

At both locations, you can book a treatment in a variety of time increments. For example, 10 (RestArt Refresh), 20 (RestArt Restore) and 30 minutes (RestArt Regenerate). The cost to experience this new airport spa treatment at Newark Airport cost 20 minutes $30 for 20 minutes and $40 for 30 minutes.

We like the idea of lying on a bed that makes you feel like you are suspended in the air or floating on a cloud.

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