Pittsburgh Airport Wellness Guide: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy at Pittsburgh Airport (UPDATED)

Pittsburgh Airport Wellness Guide: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy Traveling Through Pittsburgh Airport.

Just because you’re traveling it doesn’t mean you should have to forgo your healthy lifestyle. We’re a big believer in keeping up with health and wellness, especially on-the-fly.

There are endless PIT Airport wellness tips and tricks to keep you eating right, feeling good about yourself, and maybe enjoying a pampering session (or two).

Check out our top tips for PIT Airport wellness on-the-fly.

PIT Airport Wellness: 10 Ways to Get Healthy at Pittsburgh International Airport

PHOTO: Pittsburgh International Airport

1. Interact with a real dog.

Pittsburgh Airport officially launched its airport therapy dog program called PIT PAWS (Pups Alleviating Worry and Stress) in 2017. Make your layover less ruff by petting one of these little cuties!

Matthew Neistein, Manager, Communications, at Pittsburgh International Airport, told us they “generally have at least one dog in the airport for a couple of hours every weekday!”

Location: All around the airport.

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2. Fill up your water bottle at a hydration station.

We all know it’s essential to stay hydrated at the airport. After all, staying well hydrated is the best way to avoid getting sick on a flight.

Location: All over the airport.

3. Grab a fresh smoothie at Green Beans Coffee.

Although fresh juices are all the rage right now, some believe that smoothies are healthier. And they might be right! Smoothies contain extra vitamins due to the skins and pulp blended. Green Beans Coffee offers a variety of smoothies to select.

Location: Concourse B – Between Gates B32 and B34, Floor 3.

4. Groove to some live music.

Who gets bored before they board? Not us. Especially not with live music around. Catch some live music. The airport’s Performing Arts Series features a musical act each Thursday and Friday year-round, with special performances around the holidays.

Location: Center Core on Thursdays and Fridays, from about 10 am to 2 pm.

5. Get pampered at two XpresSpa locations

XpresSpa is a full-service spa that offers everything from manicures, pedicures, full-body massages, and facials. Get healthy at XpresSpa by letting go of your travel worries and letting yourself get the special treatment you deserve.

Locations: Concourse B across from Gate 30 and Center Core

PHOTO: Pittsburgh International Airport

6. Get a massage at the Massage Bar.

There’s no better way to relax before a flight than with a full-body massage at Massage Bar. Studies have shown that massages can reduce anxiety and help with digestive disorders, headaches, and insomnia.

Location: Concourse A, Level 3, between gates A2 and A4.

7. Grab a fresh salad at The Strip Market.

The Strip Market is a historic district to Pittsburgh featuring unique flavors and offerings such as freshly brewed coffee, bakery treats, fresh fruits, salads, grab-and-go sandwiches, wraps, and more.

Location: Center Core, Floor 3.

PHOTO: Pittsburgh International Airport

8. Take some time alone to meditate at their Interfaith Room

The benefits of meditation go way beyond just brain health. It’s also been known to give you an energy boost similar to caffeine and help improve memory, attention span, and creativity. The room is open daily from 6 am to 8 pm for all guests of any faith.

Location: Airside Terminal on the mezzanine level above the Center Core

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9. Choose healthy and organic at Farm Fresh Deli

If you’re looking for a fresh, organic meal, Farm Fresh Deli is the place to be. We’ve mentioned farm-to-table food at the airport before, and this restaurant fits right in. We love being able to get a nutritious and delicious meal at the airport.

Location: Center Core, Floor 3.

10. Grab a juice at Joe and the Juice

Whether it’s a cayenne A.C.V ginger shot, beetroot latte, kombucha, or almond milk smoothie you’re after, there’s a healthy beverage for a diversity of tastes.

Location: Concourse B

The airport offers paid shower facilities via The Club Lounge. You can access the club via memberships or buying day passes to enter the lounge.

We’ve also reported on ten ways to get healthy at Miami Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport.

UPDATED October 29, 2019

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