Shop Wellness Products at These Two New Stores at Sacramento Airport

You can now shop for all sorts of wellness products at two new retail stores at Sacramento Airport. One is the new travel+well kiosk, and the other is The Well store.

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PHOTO: Marshall Retail Group

Where to shop wellness products at Sacramento Aiport

1. travel+well

Wellness entrepreneur Desiree Rodriguez is the founder of travel+well, a super cute pop-up style wellness shop at Sacramento Airport. travel+well began in 2016 when Desiree began conceptualizing the next evolution in travel retail.

travel+well offers wellness products to delight travelers with unexpected yet much-needed items to improve their journey. She focuses on emerging brands and local sourcing.

She is very familiar with the airport’s ecosystem and a frequent traveler herself. Among the products she sells, you’ll find her own TrueReplenish single-serve vitamin packets. They use natural ingredients backed by scientific study to counteract the effects of stressful travel and foster inflight well-being.

Other products sold include essential oils, organic drinks, snack foods, and much more.

travel+well also has incredible opening hours. It is open from 4:30 am – 12:30 am daily!

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PHOTO: Marshall Retail Group

2. The Well

The Well is a hydration-focused concept offering travelers sustainable drinkware solutions, customizable flavor options, and innovative taste experiences.

You have the option to purchase any size fill-up using their water vessel for $1.99. Add to that any flavor or combination and make it still or sparkling!

You can also purchase a reusable bottle from their wide selection of BPA-free options, and receive a free fill-up with purchase. Prices start at $9.95 for silicone grade glass and go up to $35 for stainless steel, cause-driven drinkware.

Jennifer Miller, Marketing Manager, Marshall Retail Group, explained their cause-driven partnership. The Well has partnered with Que Factory and CAUS “because of their unique story and give-back! CAUS donates 25% off proceeds to World Help- providing access to clean water wells in Uganda.”

The Well also offers a variety of locally-sourced grab-and-go options, including fresh wraps, salads, sandwiches, protein packs, and gourmet bites. Jennifer also mentioned that the food is “replenished daily, travelers are assured fresh, healthy options featuring locally-sourced ingredients.”

The Well also offers an array of locally-sourced gourmet snacks ranging from nut bars and protein snacks to locally made beef jerky. Don’t miss the mix and match packs of locally-sourced almonds, cashews, dried fruits, and more!

With these two new retail offerings, travel+well and The Well, shopping for wellness products is now easier than ever at Sacramento Airport.

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