Free Pop Up Fly Fit Fit Classes At London Stansted Airport

Nervous flyers could be treated to a de-stressing session right before their flight thanks to a host of new pop-up classes at London Stansted Airport. 

Free pop up Fly Fit classes run by FRAME will soon launch at London Stansted Airport next week, and we are thrilled! Take time out to reset your body and go with the travel flow.

The partnership is offering a yoga class specifically designed to ease the tensions that can build up before a flight. A gentle flow which focuses on releasing the shoulders and back while also opening the hips to prepare the body for the flight.

The 20-minute class will also focus on the breath and mindfulness techniques that will arm you with the tools to combat any pre-flight anxiety and keep you calm until you reach your final destination.

This year marks ten years since FRAME opened, permanently changing the face of the London fitness industry.

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What to know about the Fly Fit Fit classes at London Stansted Airport

1. The classes have been designed with travel in mind and curated to provide a pre-flight routine that aims to relax you before boarding your flight.

2. The Fly Fit Fit classes will include exercises and movements which aim to improve circulation and stimulate the stretch reflex in your muscles – ideal before you take your seat in the cabin for a few hours.

3. The classes will be taking place from February Tuesday the 5th through to Thursday 7th, with three daily sessions scheduled for 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

4. There is a place to leave your carry on bag (s).

5.No need to bring a mat, just an open mind. This is a barefoot class.

6. The classes will be 20mins to allow passengers a chance to come along when they might not have an hour to spare before flying.

7. Open to all levels and no previous yoga experience necessary. Yoga is for everyone!

No time for a short class? FRAME told Vane to come on by and “speak to a FRAME expert to get personalized tips on how and why to move your body pre, during and post flight. Feel free to come down, lie down and stretch out on a mat (have a cheeky nap!) and release any built-up stress and tension from the body.”

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Location: Post- Security. The studio will be located within the central retail hub of the departures lounge. There will be signs posted with FRAME branding, and London Stansted staff will be on hand as you pass through World Duty-Free and offer direction.

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