New Quiet Space At Calgary Airport Has Free Yoga Mats

There is a new quiet space that launched this summer at Calgary Airport.

In a search for some relaxation before your flight? You can find tranquility at the new quiet space at Calgary Airport located beside Gate A24 in the Domestic Terminal.

The new quiet space is equipped with cozy loungers to relax before or after your journey.

No signage indicates it is a quiet space, but the walls have yoga pose graphics and bilingual-words (French and English).

The new quiet space offers courtesy yoga equipment such as mats, blocks,  antibacterial wipes for cleaning. There is a sign on the shelf that asks guests to please use the cleaning supplies provided to wipe down equipment after use.

Michael Hayward, Vice President, Marketing and Guest Experience at Calgary Airport shared with Vane that the new space was “created the space to provide our guests with a place to stretch their legs, read a book, and relax before heading on their next flight.”

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calgary airport yoga space
PHOTO: Calgary Airport

The benefits of a quiet space during travel 

For most of us, airport noise tends to involve hearing constant gate changes and paging passengers,  people chatting ultra-loud on phone calls, bustling food courts, and more.

It’s often more apparent when we don’t hear the noise of distractions around us at airports than when we do. Quiet gives the brain a break. The benefits of quiet spaces at work are well-documented.

Knowing there is a designated quiet space to stretch, move, meditate, or be silent can help reduce travel stress and anxiety, looking for yoga at airports? Take a look at our other stories.

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