Your Guide To 10 Free Airport Shower Facilities

Free airport shower facilities should be mandatory! It’s incredible to me the number of airports that don’t offer showers, paid or free. There are many of us taking long flights with long layovers. Taking a shower can help keep us feeling human while traveling.

To help you stay fresh on the go, we’ve rounded up ten free airport shower facilities at airports around the world.

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Where to find ten free airport showers at airports around the world

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1. Auckland Airport (AKL) in New Zealand

Auckland International Airport offers free showers in both international and domestic terminals. The one in the international terminal is located just outside the arrivals gate. The showers in the domestic terminal are located on the 1st floor.

All of them are unisex, and two are wheelchair accessible.

2. Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) in the United Arab Emirates

At Abu Dhabi International Airport, there are clean public shower facilities near departure gates 32 and 37. The use of these showers is free of charge.

3. Christchurch Airport (CHC) in New Zealand

Christchurch Airport has eight free showers in each of its accessible bathrooms. There are two in the departures area and six in the land-side, pre-security.

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4. Hong Kong Airport (HKG)

Hong Kong Airport has 24-hour showers near gate 12 on the arrivals level (L5) in Terminal 1 (restricted area).

5. Sydney Airport (SYD) in Australia

Shower facilities are available at Sydney Airport at the general check-in area near check-in counters A and K on the departures level.

There are also shower facilities located airside (passenger only access) near Gate 31, Gate 51, and Gate 24 (male only) on the departures level.

You will need to provide your supplies for the use of the showers. The showers are open every day from 5:30 am — 10 pm.

6. Dubai International Airport (DXB) in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport offers complimentary shower facilities for transit passengers, located in Terminal 3 between gates B13 and B19, and also between gates C18 and C22.

7. Incheon International Airport (ICN) in Seoul

Incheon International Airport offers several complimentary shower rooms for transit passengers (3000 Won for other passengers), available 24 hours. They are near gate 25 and 29 on level 4F in terminal 1, and near gate 231 and 268 on level 4F in terminal 2.

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PHOTO: Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

8. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Men’s and women’s showering facilities are available at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. They have showers with both hot and cold water. The wide, bright spaces have tables, chairs, hooks, and mirrors.

The showers are available in seven locations. In the arrivals (1F, 2F) and departures (4F) areas of terminal 1 and at terminal 2 in arrivals (1F) and departures (4F) areas. The showers are available round the clock, 24 hours.

PHOTO: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

9. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport has shower facilities’ in the main terminal building on level 3 as well as the satellite building on level 2 of klia2.

10. Brisbane Airport (BNE) in Australia

Brisbane Airport offers free airport shower facilities in both the domestic and international terminals. In the international terminal, you’ll find showers on level 2 in the arrivals hall, and level 3 after security.

In the domestic terminal, shower facilities are found in the central terminal area on level 2, near gate 36, and in the primary terminal satellite, near gate 26. You will need to bring your towel and shower products for these showers.

Have we missed a free airport shower?

If you have encountered a free airport shower facility not on our list, please leave your comments below!

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