News: Ottawa Airport has New Airport Therapy Dog Program

This weekend, thousands of travelers head out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving. Just in time for the rush, the Ottawa International Airport launched its new airport therapy dog program.

The Airport Authority hosted an adorable meet and greet event today to welcome its newest team members. They are a group of St. John Ambulance therapy dogs and their owners/handlers.

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The Ottawa International Airport Authority said:

“Therapy dog programs have been implemented in many airports worldwide and are well known for reducing stress and providing comfort to passengers,” said Mark Laroche, Ottawa International Airport Authority President, and CEO. “There are many changes happening at YOW that are focused on improving the customer experience – we think this particular one will be a passenger favorite.”

What it’s like to hang out with a therapy dog

I met my very first airport therapy dogs at Montreal Airport. Of all the fantastic wellness offerings at Montreal Airport, this one was one of my favorites.

The dogs roam around the terminal with their humans and meet new people who are looking for a cuddle. Above all, it was amazing to see people’s faces light up when they saw the dogs. You could witness how much joy and relaxation the dogs provide in an otherwise stressful environment.

All the other airports where you can find therapy dogs in Canada 

Earlier this year, Toronto Pearson Airport officially launched its 15-team therapy dog program. Besides, London International Airport, Saskatoon Airport, Montreal Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport, have therapy dogs too.

For the latest updates and news about airport therapy dogs, make sure to check our dedicated page here.

Next time you feel ruff at the airport, seek out one of the therapy dogs in Canadian airports! We promise you’ll love it.

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