This Outdoor Swimming Pool at Punta Cana Airport is Worth the Plunge

The Punta Cana Airport outdoor swimming pool will likely inspire you to take a dip. Is there anything more refreshing than a swim? Especially after being on a hot, cramped airplane. The new pool is located in a new VIP lounge designed by the famous Dominican architect, Antonio Segundo Imbert.

The sustained growth of Punta Cana International Airport over the past five years has gone from the construction of a second airstrip to the latest construction of a new terminal building.

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Punta Cana Airport Outdoor Swimming Pool
PHOTO: Punta Cana International Airport

However, chilling at the Punta Cana Airport outdoor swimming pool will have a cost. The entrance fee will include access to the pool and lounge where you can get drinks, snacks and appetizers, cold and hot non-alcoholic drinks, and access to wi-fi. Furthermore, there will be towels in the pool area, as well as rooms for changing.

The new VIP lounge will be accessible to first and business class passengers, individual homeowners, and club members. While we are a fan of anything healthy at airports, we wonder about the noise here. The pool seems very close to the runway. Actually, in front of it. What about the smell of diesel fumes and loud airplane noise?

Punta Cana Airport Outdoor Swimming Pool
PHOTO: Punta Cana International Airport

We like the modern design interior, with a bright, airy vibe that also overlooks the pool and runway area.

Moreover, Punta Cana’s outdoor swimming pool is not the first outdoor airport pool. Have you ever visited the open-air rooftop pool at Singapore’s Changi Airport? They have a rooftop pool at the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1. It costs 17 SGD for the day to use the pool. They also have a Jacuzzi, poolside bar, and showers.

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Will outdoor pools ever become a sought out airport wellness amenity? We think one factor to consider whether or not to take the plunge, may have to do with time. If you have a long layover (3+ hours), changing into your swimming suit and diving in may not be a bad idea.

UPDATED April 6, 2019

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