Why I Travel With Crystals: Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner is a Florida licensed acupuncturist and a recognized health and beauty leader. She’s an advocate for integrative medicine that incorporates Eastern and Western approaches to health. She explains how and why to travel with crystals.

I’ve been using crystals in my practice for over twenty years and considered going to gemology school instead of studying integrative and Chinese medicine. I also own a small jewelry business, so I’m well versed in the properties of crystals.

I love to wear them, but I also love to travel with them. Not only are crystals beautiful but they can provide us much needed grounding and centering when we travel.

Since our bodies need minerals, it is only natural that we gravitate to gemstones which are made of minerals. Crystals all carry a frequency, and like music, we are attracted to different frequencies and resonate with different ones.

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PHOTO: Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

Here are my favorite crystals for travel wellness


Kunzite is a source of lithium. Lithium has been used for years for depression. Lithium also powers our cell phones, and we know it only takes a small amount to do quite a bit with batteries.

Kunzite is a very gentle healing stone that calms me down, opens my heart and my mind. I usually meditate on this stone.


Tourmalines carry a highly negative charge and contain many minerals. In the Netherlands, they were called “Ashencrafters” and used to help clean chimneys. One study shows tourmalines help clean waste water.

Because of this negative charge they carry, they are said to remove negative energy. I usually travel with either a black, green or pink tourmaline. It removes negative energy and helps especially in the airport and airplanes.

Blue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite calms the body, mind and soul. It also helps set an intention. I love traveling with blue fluorite as I can get anxious traveling. This stone keeps me calm. The color as well helps soothe travel nerves.


Quartz has been used forever in watches. It’s part of the movement inside the watch that makes it work. It has a piezoelectric effect used in many different types of technological equipment. Quartzes are said to have moving or generating properties. I like to bring quartz with me as it is very helpful for jet lag and gets my energy moving.


Salt/Halite has respiratory benefits and helps barrier function in skin. Although I don’t carry salt in my bag, it is in my travel kit. Salt baths can help detoxify and relax us. I love the salts from Little Moon Essentials (if you use “Elizabeth 10” you can get 10 percent off). All their products are handmade in Colorado.


Citrine is a yellow stone used for mental clarity, optimism, and willpower. It also helps digestion as it is the stone of the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. In traditional Chinese medicine yellow stones support earth energy, thinking, grounding and personal power.

This beautiful yellow stone stabilizes emotions, calms anger and promotes mindfulness. I find that citrine is great especially for jet lag, centering and digestion.


Amethyst keeps you calm, intuitive and clear-headed, which is important when one travels. This is also considered one of the biggest healing stones.

In Chinese medicine, gemstones and crystals are prized for healing and resilience because of the time it took them to form deep inside the earth.

I tend to use these 7 as examples for my patients as the concept of treatment through crystals can sound very foreign at first. I also do mineral baths for arthritis and other aches and pains.

When you return from a trip, make sure to charge or cleanse your crystals. Crystals need charging. The best way is to place them in salt under the sun or moonlight. I have a salt pool and will place mine on the first step to charge them.

For porous crystals, I will sit them in salt not to corrode them. You can also use smoke from sage, palo santo, cedar or any other burning aromatic to clean off crystals as well.

I find that with all the technology we are exposed to, crystals help ground us and help us focus. For thousands of years, we have been carrying precious stones with us and using them in ritual. Now more than ever this trend is one worth keeping.

There are no harmful side effects, they are non-toxic, and a great way to feel good especially when traveling.

Traveling with crystals doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can find them almost anywhere. Some of my stones have been purchased while traveling and always remind me of special times in different places.

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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