Terminal Treatments: A List Wellness Airport Services

Are you yearning for airport wellness services? Over the past few years, wellness has moved into many aspects of our lives. From corporate wellness, to travel wellness, to hotels and now, even airports.

As the editor of Vane Airport Magazine, I have been covering the development and growth of wellness at airports since 2014. I’ve witnessed and experienced many growing trends that help to make airport time less stressful and healthier.

Consequently, a growing number of health-conscious travelers want to integrate airport wellness services and activities into their layover to counteract their interrupted health routines. Travel disruption can affect our sleep, diet, exercise, and our in-flight experience—among other things too.

So, what are the airport wellness services worth exploring?

List of airport wellness services to explore now

Airport gardens 

Besides airports increasingly becoming more sustainable by design, they are also providing beautiful gardens to give travelers some serenity and peace. For instance, London Heathrow Airport has installed massive green walls. While Schiphol Airport has an indoor park with wooden benches and virtual butterflies!

Airport Wellness Services
PHOTO: Roam Fitness

Yoga and fitness studios

From airport gyms, walking paths, yoga roomsairport swimming pools, and beyond, many airports are making it easy to work out while you wait. This year Roam Fitness opened at BWI Airport.

Go Sleep Abu Dhabi Airport
PHOTO: Abu Dhabi Airport PHOTO: Abu Dhabi Airport

Sleeping pods

Who hasn’t encountered the sprawled out passenger napping on the floor or an airport chair? Never mind, I have been that person. There are many “sleeping pods” that range from cocoon looking beds, to sleep cabins and mini-hotel looking suites you can take a rest at.

Airport Wellness Services
PHOTO: Terminal Getaway Spa

Airport Spas

There is a rapidly rising growth in airport spas. Airports across the globe are going beyond the basic back rub. There is a variety of treatments to get pampered to get some relaxation on the fly. The growth within this sector is only going to continue, and many airport spas are now providing reservations online.

We know airports that have a bad rap because of the questionable food, long security lines, and unknown cancellations and gate changes. Ultimately, we hope that these airport wellness services will make your journey less stressful.


Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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