Review: Long Haul Spa Inflight Travel Kit

A long haul flight can be brutal. Long haul flights can take their toll on the body mentally and physically, and it can take days to recover.

Flight attendant Christine Keeling is all too familiar with how stressful extended travel periods can be. That’s why she created the Long Haul Spa travel kit, an inflight travel kit for frequent flyers and those seeking a bit of a respite from the ravages of long-haul flights.

Christine’s biggest challenge was spending 20 hours in transit across 11 time zones. We met with Christine in Toronto recently, and she shared with us how and why she created the Long Haul Spa. We tested out the kit and have so much to say about it!

What is the Long Haul Spa travel kit?

The Long Haul Spa travel kit is a 12-piece carry-on sized beauty, health, and wellness kit.

The Long Haul Spa travel kit contains:

  • A package of disinfecting wipes
  • Four dehydrated towels
  • Cleansing Micellar Water 15ml
  • Super Saturating Face Mist 15ml
  • Serum Sorbet 15ml
  • Eye Balm 15ml
  • Lip Balm 15ml
  • Rejuvenating & Protecting Facial Oil 15ml
  • Super Hydrating Gel Face Mask 15ml
  • Moisturising Creme Balm 15ml
  • One liter clear plastic zip-lock bag. Because of airport security
  • Long Haul Spa Warrior Manual, detailing the products, their ingredients and when to use them during your flight

“Long Haul Spa kits are natural, sustainable, vegan and ethically sourced. We believe in transparency when it comes to our beauty products. You have the right to know what you are putting on your skin.

The majority of Long Haul Spa products are made with botanical ingredients from New Zealand. However, some ingredients are grown in Africa and are available to us through our relationship with the Essence of Humanity Trust; a registered New Zealand charity supporting So They Can.” says Christine.

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Long Haul Spa travel kit
PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

Our favorite products from the Long Haul Spa kit

1. Most practical product: disinfecting wipes

These wipes are one of the most useful components of the bag. It has become a must for me to clean my armrests and tray table every time I fly. These are some of the dirtiest areas on a plane!

2. Best starting point: cleansing micellar water

Have makeup on inflight? You can start fresh-faced by getting your skin prepped and ready for all the goodies inside the kit. Micellar water contains molecules that attach to makeup and dirt and break it down. It is quite possibly the least irritating product for removing makeup and cleansing skin.

PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

3. Most impressive transformer: moisturizing creme balm

This product transforms from a cream into an easily absorbed lotion on contact and creates a natural barrier to protect and seal in hydration. It’s good at preparing your skin for better absorption of other products.

4. Best travel beauty staple: lip balm

Recycled cabin air dries our delicate lip skin, making for genuinely un-kissable lips. Lip balms are one of the most straightforward but most needed staples of a travel wellness kit. I apply lip balm continuously throughout my flight.

PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

5. Most effective specialty product: cooling eye balm

This product is fragrance-free, nourishing, light, and refreshing, for your delicate and tired eye area. I always find my eyes look and feel the most worn out after travel. Having a dedicated eye balm lets me pay extra special attention to this delicate area of skin.

6. Biggest hydration powerhouse: serum sorbet

I love a good quality serum for intensive hydration. This one is a must-have inflight to get that deep, intense level of hydration we need when we fly.

7. Best antioxidant: facial oil

This facial oil made of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 & 9, powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The skin-loving oils are easily absorbed, and won’t leave your face looking glossy.

8. Most refreshing pick-me-up: face mist

Apply this anytime inflight when your skin needs a burst of freshness and hydration. It also helps the skin absorb other products like a serum or facial oil. Mists will also help set your makeup and keep you dewy after you have deplaned.

9. Most discrete application: gel face mask

Note: this isn’t a sheet mask. It’s excellent for soothing irritated skin and fantastic for protecting it onboard. The gel face mask is like giving yourself a mini facial in flight.

To make sure your Long Haul Spa kit doesn’t get confiscated by security, use the ziplock bag inside the kit for the liquid-based products. This is a must for most airports where all liquids must be separated and visible.

The verdict

We love the Long Haul Spa kit. It was designed by someone who knows what our pain points are as frequent flyers.

A lot of love and a great sense of humor went into designing the kit, too! Just read the manual for a good laugh and a spot of entertainment in-flight — trust me.

We even love the beautiful vegan Louenhide bag it comes in. Choose from bright pink, green, or yellow to brighten your day.

Even better, every kit purchased plants a tree through One Tree Planted so you can help offset your carbon footprint. Feel good about making yourself feel good on your next journey!

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