Fifteen New Therapy Dog Programs Launched In The US in 2019

New therapy dog programs always get us excited, and 15 new programs launched in the US in 2019.

The airport is not so much fun, but who isn’t immediately brought to joy when they see an adorable pooch coming their way?

Here is our list of fifteen new therapy dog programs that launched in the US in 2019


1.Lincoln Airport

The Lincoln Airport in Nebraska was the first program to launch in 2019 in the US through the nonprofit Healing Heart Therapy Dogs.

Tucker Therapy Dog at Tulsa International Airport
PHOTO: Tulsa International Airport

2.Tulsa Airport

You can get some furry therapy called “Welcome Waggin.” The airport partners with the nonprofit Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

fifteen new therapy dogs usa 2019
PHOTO: Philadelphia International Airport

3.Philadelphia Airport

Last April, PHL Airport launched a pilot program called the Wagging Tails Brigade.  Happy First Anniversary to PHL’s Wagging Tails Brigade! Since they couldn’t be together at the airport, the gang (and newest member Goldy) celebrated with a video conference “pawty”.

fifteen new therapy dogs usa 2019
PHOTO: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport

4. Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport

Happy dogs are the newest volunteers at Wilkes Barre Scranton airport called The (RED) Tails! Tails stand for “Therapy Animals Integrating Less Stress.” You can find the dogs pre and post-security. Current partners with the AVP Tails program are the nonprofit groups: Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Pleasure of Your Company Therapy Dogs, and Therapy Dogs International.  

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport therapy Dog
PHOTO: Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

5. Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

The airport announced last summer the new “SDF WAGS Program” in partnership with the ‘Wonderful Animals Giving Support’ Pet Therapy of Kentucky, Inc.

The therapy dogs and their handlers will come to the airport two to three times each week and offer free cuddles for stressed-out travelers. The dogs will roam the airport, pre, and post-security.

6.Eugene Airport

You now have a chance to might have the opportunity to “paws” and meet one of the new therapy dog teams at Eugene Airport. The airport has partnered with FETCH to bring “pawsitivity” to their airport.

7.Charleston International Airport

The Therapy Dog Ambassadors of Charleston International Airport will visit the terminals on Thursday and Sundays at 9 am to 6 pm.

PHOTO: Harrisburg International Airport

8. Harrisburg Airport

You can get some furry therapy called “Embark.” The airport partners with the nonprofit Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

9. Orlando Airport 

Orlando International Airport is put its best paws forward by launching the all-new “MCO Paw Pilots” program in September 2019. A new customer service initiative designed to offer some comfort to the traveling public. The ten dog teams will appear at various times throughout the week in two-hour increments on the landside of the airport.

PHOTO: Long Beach Airport

10. Long Beach Airport

The Long Beach Airport STARS program, short for Simple Therapy and Real Smiles, launched on Nov. 1 with nine dogs. The nine dogs include Rudi, a chihuahua-terrier mix, beagles Hope and Harmony, and even a big, burly German Shepherd named Zuba.

Most of the dogs are certified by GO TEAM, a nonprofit based out of Colorado and Sit Means Sit.

11. Jackson Hole Airport

Travelers passing through Jackson Hole Airport can expect the friendly company of therapy dogs thanks to the collaboration with Teton County Pet Partners.

Teams from Teton County Pet Partners will frequent Jackson’s airport during peak traffic periods to ease stress as well as greet warmly those arriving or departing from the travel hub.

12. Portland International Jetport

Zach Briggs, Jetport customer experience manager, who oversees the ambassador program, told us that their program has “nine volunteers, certified therapy dogs in the Jetport’s ambassador program.”

The calm pooches roam the departure lounge, helping airline passengers deal with the stress associated with air travel.

PHOTO: Roslyn Flaherty via Twitter

13. Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport airport debuted a pilot canine therapy program in partnership with Dove Lewis late this past November. The pilot was such as success that the airport has “formally” launched a therapy program.

14. St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

PIE launched its new Pets Uplifting People therapy dog program, which provides dogs to greet passengers waiting to board flights.

MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
PHOTO: MidAmerica St. Louis Airport

15.MidAmerica St. Louis Airport

Did you know that MidAmerica St. Louis Airport launched a pilot therapy dog program last December? The program is all about providing happiness for travelers by teaming with Got Your Six Support Dogs.

Congrats to all the fifteen new therapy dog programs of 2019.

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